You can take everything I have, You can brake everything I have, but no one wont brake me! :)
"Eyes & Nipples" by Andrushka
David Cook - Permanent.
    This one comes from my early childhood. I was around 6-7 years old. It was fresh winter day back in Latvia. Me & my mom were taking tram from the town to home, what was around 30 min drive with tram. My mom was wearing black long coat and black trilby hat & black leather gloves. One word saying - woman in black. What I was wearing, have no idea, it doesn't really matters in this story. However, it came our time to get out of the tram, and we started to move towards doors. Tram was really crowded, as it is end of the working day, everyone goes home. Trams towards town runs empty one after one, but trams in opposite direction are full and feels like goes with a speed of snail. Dozens of people gets in and out at every stop. So we had to leave our seats quite early before our stop. Otherwise we may not be able get out of tram. My mom took my hand to not lose me in the crowd. What is quite easy to do, people are very frustrated and tired after long day at work or studies, so no one really cares about other problems, and don't even pay attention to some small kid who maybe lost his mom. However, we did made our way to exit doors, but while we were moving, my moms hat almost fell down, so she let go my hand and tried to fix hers hat. I didn't paid a lot of attention to that move. So in a short moment I saw again some hand what was wearing black leather glove and I didn't thought much and I grabbed it. At the same moment I had to face with some old man's surpised face. He threw my hand away and whispered something what I did not even hear. Maybe better, have bad feeling that it was not anything nice. That moment I was so scared and confused. Where is my mom? And I did not had time to look for my mom when all the crowd what was waiting for tram stop started to move out of it. I was literally pushed out with all crowd, seems no one even didn't notice that in the middle was little boy. When I was thrown on the tram platform and people crowd was scattered, I happily saw my mom. This stays in my memory really strong. Everything is good what ends well! Happy End.
Glad that there is such a people! :)
Watch and think!

     Today surfing around internet I found some videos in Youtube, where people record and upload videos for gay people. Recently all around the world many gay people have been bullied and number of young people suicides is increasing! We have to stop it! In America has been created project: It get's better! Everyone can record video with supportive message to LGBT people, to help them, to show them, that they are not alone! So I just want to share this and ask also your support!
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Brit Awards 2012
Hello! This is going to be about BRIT AWARDS 2012! If you watched it, I want to know your thoughts about this event! I was watching it and to be honest, I was a little surprised how cheap it was. It’s event where we suppose to give a honour to British best artists! To give a honour to people who make us to be proud, who take Britains name out in the world! They are our stars! But this show proved that they are just a few people with ability to sing, nothing more. Evening host James Corden is good comedian, but he does not suit for this kind of event. All this show was little bit like joke, fun! Tv time was too short, what proved that our stars even didn’t had time to say thanks to people, to fans! Last moment when Adele got award, and James literally pushed her away of stage, because other band had to perform their song. It was so embarassing to all British nation. Everything happened so fast and without any emotions. I think this event Brit Awards should be in higher level! But, I am not even British, so I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Today I made my first Video blog! Soon, coming up more! :p

If you are so freakin bored try these:
  • wax your homes ceiling
  • water your dog and watch how it grows
  • wash some tree
  • flirt with your teddy bear
  • tell romantic poem to lamp
  • turn around TV
  • take your sofa for walk
  • put "exit" signs above your wardrobe
  • tease yourself
  • learn to type with feet fingers
  • count till million and do it fast
  • boil the ice-cream
  • jump on one leg in the front of mirror
  • try to imagine what your phone thinks   

I deffo will try to do something! This boredom is killing me! Can't wait to start to work! :D

     Last night I went out, went to Sheffields University, Climax party! I took my last bus from Woodseats to Sheffield Town @ 10:30 pm then I made all way through West Street, what reminded me one place in Cyprus. It's Ayia Napa, town where are mostly clubs, bars, pubs. At the end of West street is tram stop "University of Sheffield", where I had to meet my friend. Then just approximately 100 m away is "Hicks" building. (UNI building). Club in University - that's cool! Club with two rooms, one for newest pop songs and mixes. Other for lovers - love songs, 60`s - 90`s music. Drinks in normal prices, one pint of Carlsberg was 2,50£, entrance 5 quids, affordable! Plus on the way deeper in the club they gave safety packet! Two condoms and lubricant! lol Useful! I went with my colleague and his boyfriend and one other friend. This kinda party happens only one time in a month, so everybody is coming from all surrounded towns. Few thousands people, enough big crowd let's say! Well I had a really nice night! First part I spent dancing and having fun with friends, second part I spent with somebody, I have to admit, I miss those lips. However, night was really great and successful, except that somebody stole my colleagues suit jacket with his home keys inside, so he should go and sleep at job. Bless him. Well, everyone is safe, who is having hangover, who's not. But I am looking forward to next Climax party! :)


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