Had a quite rough day! As it turned out, I have so many duties in my position! I was a bit shocked! But, there is some things which are in my duty list, but since I haven't got training yet, I can't do them, actually I am not allowed to do those things! My manager signed me for some training in april, will have to go to some college for training, for like 10 days. Dunno really what really was it. lol Didn't know that in England those laws and rules are so strict! Like for example: Today at work, in one toilet lamp was burned out, and I said I will change it, as I am responsible for maintaining of the building. But manager and all the rest of the staff did not allow me to do that. I did not have necessary training for this situation, so I am not allowed to do that. Well, from one hand it is right and good, but from the other hand, I felt so stupid and useless... Training to change a light bulb?
 Anyways, today I made some step to front with my studies. Finished first session of first unit! Still many to go! Didn't thought that diversity and equality can be so complicated. But it doesn't really matters, I am so interested as never. Today also I received my national library card and already ordered some book for my diversity studies. In local library this book was not available, so I had chance to order it from central library! Will use this library for studies and also entertainment! Can use free internet there! Yeahha!! lol
 Also today after job I went straight way to the town. Had a meeting with my friend at 3pm in the town, but as I got there, as it came 3pm, I received message that she is still busy at work and meeting is canceled. Well, fair enough! We had this meeting, cause I wanted to go to City Council and learn about some benefits and about opportunities to rent a house or apartment in Sheffield. The thing is, I wanted hers help, because I didn't really know where the hell is City Council. I turned on my gps in my head and started to move to the right direction. In few minutes I was there, found a place within 5 minutes. Love my gps! Ha ha, I have checked out that building in google before, so as I have good visual memory, I found it very easy!
This basically was my day! Work - Town - Home - Studies and now some chill! Now I am listening Lara Fabian and drinking tea in English style (tea with milk). Mood quite calm and good! Body feels exhausted, I am not used to work, so first couple weeks will be hard while my body will get used to. I think I will go to sleep, cause last night couldn't really sleep. Had a terrible toothache! Need proffesional dentist help asap, but who the hell knows when I will can afford that! Have to be patient and work it out with pain killers... Well, anyways! Have a good night my friends! :) x
Andris Andrushka Andza Cirulis. 

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