As I sent e-mail to this kiosk company about offer what gives you free water, I received reply:

    "Dear Andris,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your recent visit to our Sheffield "......" Store.

I am extremely sorry for the confusion caused by this incident. To clarify, the "...... newspaper" are currently running a promotion whereby the purchase of their newspaper entitles the customer to a free bottle of water of certain varied but limited lines. It would appear that the cashier was attempting to proactively enable you to save some money by selecting a copy of the "newspaper" and charging for this item whilst providing the water selected free of charge.

However, this should not have been done automatically and an explanation of the promotion should have been given to you with the option to participate or not and I am extremely sorry that this was not the case.

I do hope that this information helps to clarify the incident and if I can be of any assistance to you in the future, please let me know.

Kind Regards

This was e-mail I received, but it didn't satisfy me at all. I sent them back e-mail with few ideas to change this promotion. Like cooperating with UNICEF or any other charity organization and send this water to Africa or where else this water is in need. Sent some new project ideas, suggestions and my opinions! For this e-mail I haven't received any response! Sent it twice with asking for answer. No reaction...
P.s. I haven't published companies names, because as I heard here in England there is not such a big freedom of speech! Don't want to get in trouble yet... If you have any idea, want to participate, to do something for about this, please sent me e-mail, or just leave to comment below! Thanks for support! Andris.

_     Yesterday (13/1/2012) I had kinda weird situation. I took my friends daughter to Sheffields train station, and there was well known UK kiosk, where I went to buy bottle of water. Price of water was 1,69£ and when I was going to pay for it, cashier gave me extra local  newspaper and asked from me 1,20£! Which means, I paid only for newspaper and I got 0,5l bottle of water for free! What is this special offer? At the moment I did not have any objections, but then I started to think... Water for free in UK? Doesn't it sound wrong?
I mean, if it would be free water in Africa, it would sound just normal and even brilliant!
    In Africa there are thousands of people who never drunk clean, drinking water, there are thousands of thirsty people and childs between them. Water is very important for every live creature, doesn't matters animal, plant or human! But only people need clean drinking water. And not only in Africa there are clean water problems. Africa is most urgent place in the world where needs a lot of help. Just type in Google: "Water shortage in africa" and you will learn more than you expected. For more strong people I suggest to type the same and push Google Images. Be ready for horror! :(
    So, this "special offer" made me think to write a letter to this kiosk company and learn more about this offer and aims of it! I guess not only me bothers this offer, so have to do something about it! And as letter will be finished and sent, I will be waiting answer with good explanation. Will update it here on my blog.
    My version of this "special offer" would be: Buy a Newspaper and You automatically donate one 0,5l watter bottle for Africa! Doesn't it sounds better? Only thing is to change slogan! Any Ideas?


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