_50 things what will make your sex life more exciting an joyable! :)
  1. Kiss like you did before you had ever done anything else.
  2. Breathe together, holding and hugging each other while you do it. 
  3. Eat seductively. Really pay attention to how you lick ice cream or chew meat off a bone.  
  4. See how long you can stay turned on without taking any of your clothes off.
  5. Dry hump with your clothes, or at least your underwear, on.
  6. Rub your hair all over his body.
  7. For at least one minute, both of you stare into each other's eyes.
  8. Set up email accounts using aliases. Then send dirty emails and pictures to that account. 
  9. Play a game of striptease.
  10. Collaborate on a piece of erotic writing or storytelling. You write/recite a paragraph, then your partner does the same. Go back and forth until you finish the story. 
  11. Buy a pair of nitrile gloves and give your partner a gloved hand job. (Trust me, it feels different.)
  12. Wear a mask.
  13. Wear a wig.
  14. Try a new condom, heck, try the female condom.
  15. Use a string of pearls (plastic beads will do just fine), and masturbate his penis.
  16. Masturbate him with a banana peel. Try warming it in the microwave for five seconds for warmer, happier times.
  17. Use lube. Lots of lube. 
  18. Use silicone lube and get it on in the shower.
  19. Be blindfolded or do the blindfolding.
  20. Find three things in the kitchen (like a spatula, wooden spoon, honey) that you can play with sensually.
  21. Fingerpaint each other's breasts.
  22. Rock around the clit. With your finger, go clockwise from 12 on back, and counterclockwise. See what time feels best.
  23. Rent a porn and reenact a scene.
  24. Masturbate for each other. Cheer, hoot, and holler for your lover.
  25. Read each other an erotic story from a sexy book.
  26. Play a board game but change the rules to make them sexy.
  27. Try a board game designed to inspire monogamy.
  28. Have sex in your car, even if it's parked in the garage.
  29. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around something or someone. 
  30. Figure out a new sex position using pillows.
  31. Turn on an electric toothbrush ... use them on his, or her, nipples.
  32. Use any vibrator ... on him, in the area known as the perineum, between the bum and the balls.
  33. Have a sexy chat, either by video or text, and yes, even if you live together, do it from separate rooms. 
  34. Have a contest to see who can come first, or who can hold out longest.
  35. Pick out your partner's outfit and dress them up before you dress them down.
  36. Buy a wireless vibrator and go out dancing, and let your husband or boyfriend control the remote. 
  37. Have sex first thing in the morning.
  38. See how high you can bring your sex energy through breathing.
  39. Get kinky -- try light spanking or flogging.
  40. Try a vibrator built for two. 
  41. Make love outdoors.
  42. Go on a date to a cheap hotel room.
  43. Pay your partner for sex.
  44. Give, or get, a lap dance.
  45. Slow dance like it's the first time, but not that first awkward time. Unless, of course, awkward turns you on. 
  46. Write down some fantasies and put them in a hat. Then pick out a fantasy and act it out. Include a list of props in your fantasy.
  47. Give each other head rubs.
  48. Massage each other using a soy-based hot wax candle.
  49. Leave the lights on. Get naughty. If you feel extra frisky, leave the blinds open too.
  50. Make a meal out of aphrodisiac foods. Feed it to each other, or eat the food off one another.
Enjoy! ;)

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