Michael Jackson fever is building again as the three-year anniversary of his death approaches on June 25, 2012. I am paying tribute to the Pop King icon by playing all my favorite MJ classics into the very day he past on June 25th. Celebrate his life and music with me by leaving your comments below of you favorite MJ moments and music in below comments. 
Having chat with one my friend from Cyprus, and he has very nice greek name, so I asked him, what really your name means. So as we discovered meaning of his name, I started to wondering about my name! Is there any meaning for my name? So I did little research about my name: Andris!

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Man, warrior

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Latvian, Hungarian Meaning & History Latvian form and Hungarian diminutive of Andrew
VARIANTS: Andrejs (Latvian), Bandi (Hungarian)
FEMININE FORM: Andrea (Hungarian)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Andreas (Ancient Greek), Ander (Basque), Andrew (Biblical), Andreas (Biblical Greek), Andreas (Biblical Latin), Andrei, Andrey (Bulgarian), Andreu (Catalan), Andria (Corsican), Andrej, Andrija, Andro (Croatian), Andrej, Ondřej (Czech), Andreas, Andries (Dutch), Andie, Andre, Andrew, Andy, Dre, Drew (English), Deandre (English (African American)), Andres, Andrus (Estonian), Antero, Antti, Tero (Finnish), André (French), Andria (Georgian), Andreas (German), Andreas (Greek), Aindréas, Aindriú (Irish), Andrea (Italian), Andrius (Lithuanian), Andrej (Macedonian), Anaru (Maori), Andrzej, Jędrzej (Polish), André (Portuguese), Andrei (Romanian), Andrei, Andrey (Russian), Anders, Andreas (Scandinavian), Aindrea, Dand (Scottish), Andrej, Andrija (Serbian), Andrej, Ondrej (Slovak), Andraž, Andrej (Slovene), Andrés (Spanish), Andriy (Ukrainian), Andreas, Andras (Welsh)

    Last couple of days my mind is flying around the "Peace & war" subject! Had some chats with friends about it, but anyways I can not make my summary! This is not subject You can talk and go through it and fininsh it! This is never ending story. People fought for freedom and land, now people fight for money and power. What is army? Bunch of innocent man who were ordered to kill "enemy" and protect his land. Who didn't had choice to escape from army, because they threated you that your future is destroyed, or they will take away your wife and kids. Or raised and trained killers who are ordered to kill everything what moves in the war field? People? Machines?
    Why they teach us for army now? Some people will say: "They steel our time with stupid and useless things, I am just loosing time for my studies" and "They literally kidnap young boys, teach them to kill and teach how to use the guns to kill another human, what for"? And some other people would say: "Great! We need people who will protect us and our country, I am so proud of my soldier boy" and "In army every boy becomes man and learns to respect his country and other people" Isn't dilemma?
So there comes my questions:
  • Do we need army? If yes - why?! If no - Why?!
  • Did You finish your army service, if not why!? How did you escape of it?
  • No armies - no war???
  • Could You kill the people?
  • What about human rights? people are forced to go to army? How comes? Where are human rights?
There are still 23 countries with mandatory military services!!! As Russia, Turkey, Greece, South Korea and others. These people have no choice to go to army or not! Then people try to leave country or any other reason to escape from military service! Is it normal? Are we slaves?

There are still so many things to talk about it! Sure we will, in short future wait for new blog! :)


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