One day I received a call from a friend offering me to join one charity project! Project is to collect shoe boxes with toys and other presents from people and send these presents to kids all around the world! Kids in orphanages and other who really needs them! Yes, let's do it, was my answer! So yesterday we gone to town, bought some toys, some other useful stuff for kids, like coloring books, pencils, tooth brushes, towels, gloves, tooth pastes and some sweets. Gone to shoe shop next doors and asked for few empty shoe boxes and we gone home. At home we wrapped all the shoe boxes in nice colorful wrap papers and put all the toys and other stuff in them! I just looked at those boxes knowing that I made someone's Christmas much more brighter and happier, it made my day! I might not get any Christmas present this year as I am away from all my family and friends, but I know that someone who really needs it, will get it and be so so happy! :) I don't need anything, this made my Christmas already! :) 

    It's wonderful Christmas time, it's time to forgive and love. Be with people we love and adore. Family time and time for miracles. Remember how we use to sit with family at huge or even small dinner table and enjoy delicious Christmas food. To chat and laugh, drink hot wine and be all together? In my nation we stood next to Christmas tree and we had to tell poem and then we got present, if there was more presents, you should know more poems! House smells like ginger bread and mandarins, people are happy and relaxed. Singing Christmas songs and cheering, lighting candles and giving presents. Parents use to tell us stories about North pole and Santa. We were kids and we were pure and we believed everything. And It was long time ago...
    What is now? I am in England, my mom in Cyprus, father & sister in Latvia. All my people I love are all around world! Latvia, Cyprus, England, Norway, Scotland and not only... But You know, I am with wonderful people, in warm cozy house and Christmas spirit is here! People are used to want more and more, but to be honest we need so less to be happy! Isn't it? 
    Will Christmas always be the same? Nowadays Christmas is only crazy shopping time and showing off with your house decorations! Giving simple empty Christmas cards. No feelings, no emotions! Christmas is literally declared as shopping festival! Presents! Presents! Presents! Alright, I got it! But where is the family time? Forgiving? Listening? Singing!? Cheering? Family time? Actually Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but I do not want to involve here religions. Not time for religion fight. With every upcoming year Christmas spirit gets ruined. People, open Your heart and soul & mind!
    Let's just join all together in peace and joy! Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, I wish You peacefull, bright, and lovely time with Your friends and family! It's time for miracles! Believe and they will follow you all your life! And give some small present to your neighbor, people on the street, just a simple gift as smile! Sometimes it's more worth than anything! Love & Light. :)
Your Andrushka.


    _I’m not a very articulate person when it comes to verbally expressing things that goes on inside my mind. There are voices in my head that never stop, invading me even in my sleep. I found out that the only thing to make them stop is to get them all out of my system. So, I am trying to get rid of them this way - creating something, putting my thoughts on paper or web!


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