Random thought of the day: How many things we call "things" when we are bored to find the real name of those things or we just don't know them! So it's much more easier to say "Thing", "thingy", "stuff" etc... This made me laugh today, it shows how big retards we can be! lol 

Fancy a seat?
World Toilet Day is observed annually on 19 November. This international day of action aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge. 

Can you imagine not having a toilet? Can you imagine not having privacy when you need to relieve yourself? Although unthinkable for those living in wealthy parts of the world, this is a harsh reality for many - in fact, one in three people on this globe, does not have access to a toilet! Have you ever thought about the true meaning of dignity? 

World Toilet Day was created to pose exactly these kind of questions and to raise global awareness of the daily struggle for proper sanitation that a staggering 2.5 billion people face. World Toilet Day brings together different groups, such as media, the private sector, development organisations and civil society in a global movement to advocate for safe toilets. Since its inception in 2001, World Toilet Day has become an important platform to demand action from governments and to reach out to wider audiences by showing that toilets can be fun and sexy as well as vital to life. 

Get involved in World Toilets Day as well at: http://www.worldtoiletday.org/index.php 

Why do you give a shit? :P 

    This one comes from my early childhood. I was around 6-7 years old. It was fresh winter day back in Latvia. Me & my mom were taking tram from the town to home, what was around 30 min drive with tram. My mom was wearing black long coat and black trilby hat & black leather gloves. One word saying - woman in black. What I was wearing, have no idea, it doesn't really matters in this story. However, it came our time to get out of the tram, and we started to move towards doors. Tram was really crowded, as it is end of the working day, everyone goes home. Trams towards town runs empty one after one, but trams in opposite direction are full and feels like goes with a speed of snail. Dozens of people gets in and out at every stop. So we had to leave our seats quite early before our stop. Otherwise we may not be able get out of tram. My mom took my hand to not lose me in the crowd. What is quite easy to do, people are very frustrated and tired after long day at work or studies, so no one really cares about other problems, and don't even pay attention to some small kid who maybe lost his mom. However, we did made our way to exit doors, but while we were moving, my moms hat almost fell down, so she let go my hand and tried to fix hers hat. I didn't paid a lot of attention to that move. So in a short moment I saw again some hand what was wearing black leather glove and I didn't thought much and I grabbed it. At the same moment I had to face with some old man's surpised face. He threw my hand away and whispered something what I did not even hear. Maybe better, have bad feeling that it was not anything nice. That moment I was so scared and confused. Where is my mom? And I did not had time to look for my mom when all the crowd what was waiting for tram stop started to move out of it. I was literally pushed out with all crowd, seems no one even didn't notice that in the middle was little boy. When I was thrown on the tram platform and people crowd was scattered, I happily saw my mom. This stays in my memory really strong. Everything is good what ends well! Happy End.


    _I’m not a very articulate person when it comes to verbally expressing things that goes on inside my mind. There are voices in my head that never stop, invading me even in my sleep. I found out that the only thing to make them stop is to get them all out of my system. So, I am trying to get rid of them this way - creating something, putting my thoughts on paper or web!


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