Imagine, I missed my one years anniversary! 3 days ago it was my 1 year anniversary since I came to UK, Sheffield! Have to have a drink this weekend to celebrate that! I still don't believe that time is running so fast! One year is long but the same time short time! hmm.. Looked back what I have achieved in this one year... and it's actually not bad! Will write another post about that later on! ;) Have a gorgeous weekend my people! Love and Light! 

Random thought of the day: How many things we call "things" when we are bored to find the real name of those things or we just don't know them! So it's much more easier to say "Thing", "thingy", "stuff" etc... This made me laugh today, it shows how big retards we can be! lol 

As it was Latvia's Independence Day, loads of news agencies wrote staff about people who has left Latvia to go to live abroad. Saying that these people are betrayers and that they are weak and careless and many other not so good things. Now approximately abroad lives around 200'00 Latvians. 
 I absolutely don't agree with them! I wanna brake these stereotypes! 
 Personally I left from my country 4 years ago. I finished my studies and I had a chance to go to Cyprus, cos my mom already lived there for one year! It was not easy to leave everything I had and go somewhere I never been and where everything is new. I knew I will have to start absolutely new life! New languages, new people, new rules, laws, weather, everything! At that time my English was in "yes and no, thank you" level, so believe me, it asked a lot of courage and power to be able to start new life from almost 0!!!! First months in Cyprus was so exciting, so I didn't even miss my country, I didn't even think about it! Then, when things are not so exciting anymore and they have become more as usual staff, you start to realize what happened. What have you done to make your life better. Where are you, what you have at the moment and what you had before. You start to compare things, how this is here, and how it was back home. You start to question yourself, is it right, should I be here? Will I go back? Then memories flies above you as dark rain clouds. Memories about family, friends, school, just even how nice it was to go out and be on your own land. Then you realize what have you sacrificed for your own life! You have left your home, your family, your friends, and everything you had all these 18 years of your life. Everything is there, but I am here.... It is really hard when it comes to Christmas or any national celebrations, you feel so empty.... We can make the same foods, decorations, get some Latvians around, sing Latvian songs, but still it will never be the same! 
   I've never been my countries betrayer! I love and adore my country, always been big patriot! We all want a better life and sometimes we have to do things what we don't really want to, just to achieve what we want, what includes leaving the land you grew up and lived most of the life. But it doesn't mean that I've stopped to love my land, love my people and forgot traditions! I will always carry Latvias name in the world for the best! Latvia is the most beautiful country in the world! 
   Lesson of the day: Don't judge a person before you've been and felt how it is to walk in his shoes! 

                                                                                                                                                                     Your Andris. 

Fancy a seat?
World Toilet Day is observed annually on 19 November. This international day of action aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge. 

Can you imagine not having a toilet? Can you imagine not having privacy when you need to relieve yourself? Although unthinkable for those living in wealthy parts of the world, this is a harsh reality for many - in fact, one in three people on this globe, does not have access to a toilet! Have you ever thought about the true meaning of dignity? 

World Toilet Day was created to pose exactly these kind of questions and to raise global awareness of the daily struggle for proper sanitation that a staggering 2.5 billion people face. World Toilet Day brings together different groups, such as media, the private sector, development organisations and civil society in a global movement to advocate for safe toilets. Since its inception in 2001, World Toilet Day has become an important platform to demand action from governments and to reach out to wider audiences by showing that toilets can be fun and sexy as well as vital to life. 

Get involved in World Toilets Day as well at: http://www.worldtoiletday.org/index.php 

Why do you give a shit? :P 

One day I received a call from a friend offering me to join one charity project! Project is to collect shoe boxes with toys and other presents from people and send these presents to kids all around the world! Kids in orphanages and other who really needs them! Yes, let's do it, was my answer! So yesterday we gone to town, bought some toys, some other useful stuff for kids, like coloring books, pencils, tooth brushes, towels, gloves, tooth pastes and some sweets. Gone to shoe shop next doors and asked for few empty shoe boxes and we gone home. At home we wrapped all the shoe boxes in nice colorful wrap papers and put all the toys and other stuff in them! I just looked at those boxes knowing that I made someone's Christmas much more brighter and happier, it made my day! I might not get any Christmas present this year as I am away from all my family and friends, but I know that someone who really needs it, will get it and be so so happy! :) I don't need anything, this made my Christmas already! :) 


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