For Base:
  • 115g unsalted butter                      (0.78£)
  • 2 eggs                                       (0.50£)
  • 165g Flour                                  (0.17£)
  • 5g Baking powder                       (0.04£)
  • 80g Soured Cream                       (0.32£)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 265g sugar                                 (0.24£)
  •  For crumbles:
  • 125g flour                                    (0.13£)
  • 125g sugar                                   (0.11£)
  • 110g butter                                   (0,75£)
  • 5g vanilla sugar                            (0.08£) 
  • For filling: 
  • 100g Soured cream                        (0.40£)
  • 1 egg                                            (0.25£)
  • 50g sugar                                     (0.04£)
  • 400g frozen red berries mix            (1..29£)
                                                                                   in total:                        5.10 £
Take 115g of butter and keep it in room temperature, in meanwhile mix berries with 5 tablespoon sugar. Turn on oven on 180 degrees. When butter becomes soft, add the rest of the sugar and mix it with electric hand mixer very well. Add 2 eggs, but one by one and mix it well. In separate bowl mix flour with baking powder and salt. Add half of the flour mix to butter-egg mix and stir it by hand, then add soured cream, mix it in and add the rest of the flour mix. Dough must be sticky and soft. Drain berries to remove unnecessary liquids. Inlay baking paper in the form and put the base in, make dough evenly straight all over the form. Put berries all over. Mix soured cream, sugar and one egg together and cover all berries with the mix. For crumbles: take fresh cold butter from fridge and grate in sugar and flour mix, add vanilla sugar, Then with your finger make crumbles from flour, sugar, butter mix. Sprinkle crumbles over the pie and put it in oven. Cook 50-60minutes. Enjoy.

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